Monday, June 24, 2013

7 Reasons to Hire a Doula in Montreal

#1 Doulas view childbirth as a natural process. They trust in the woman's body during the birth process and they teach their clients to do the same. Doulas also understand the labour process as well as the physical and emotional needs of a labouring woman, and therefore are able to provide a safe space for a woman to labour as she needs to. Couples often say that they felt reassured, safe, informed, and confident when a doula was present at their birth. 

#2 Many women feel overwhelmed by all that they have to "learn" during pregnancy, and unfortunately, many of us don't have women in our lives who are teaching us about natural birth. Doctors don't have much time to teach their pregnant women about childbirth, and many women are left feeling overwhelmed. 

Doulas provide childbirth education before your due date (usually 2-3 meetings). This includes: nutrition during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and medical procedures, among many other things. Women who have a doula feel more prepared for birth than women who do not.

Additionally, most doulas provide at least one postpartum meeting as well. They will help you with breastfeeding and answer any questions you have about your new baby. 

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Women who have the continuous support of a doula:

  • Are more likely to perceive and experience their births as positive, when compared to women who do not have a doula.
  • Have a reduced need for pain medication.
  • Have a reduced need for medical interventions, such as the use of forceps, vacuum or cesarean sections.
  • Have shorter labours.
  • Have partners who feel better supported and informed during the birth process.
  • Have increased rates of breastfeeding.
  • Felt they were coping well with motherhood when interviewed at 6 weeks postpartum.

#4 Many doulas are trained in non-medical pain relief techniques for labour. As you can see above, having a doula reduces the need for pain medications. Some techniques that doulas use include: massage, hot/cold therapy, essential oils, pressure, and position changes. 

#5 Doulas also support your partner during birth. Many couples are concerned that a doula will replace the partner/father's role during birth. But fathers & birth partners report that they enjoyed the experience more when they had a doula present (they also report a sense of relief with a doula present). A doula will encourage and support your birth partner, instead of taking their spot. 

#6 If something comes up during your birth, your doula can explain the medical procedures being proposed so you can make an informed decision. In Montreal, most women give birth in a hospital and many times there are procedures proposed that a labouring woman and her support person know nothing about. A doula will explain the procedure to you, with pros and cons, and will often help you talk to the doctor or midwife about the necessity of the procedure. Your doula is also your advocate and your voice. They will help you stick to your birth plan. 

#7 If you weren't happy with a previous birth experience, having a doula will improve the outcome of the next. 

In essence, a doula will help you feel informed, prepared and confident for your coming childbirth. They are great for the whole family - for the labouring woman, for her partner and for the baby. 

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