Monday, June 17, 2013

Montreal Earth Doula Blog Launch

Welcome to my new site!

I am happy to offer a blog on natural childbirth, birth choices and health during pregnancy and the childbearing year. In the last few years I have discovered my passion for childbirth and the idea of going back to the basics and empowering ourselves as women to birth from within. 

We come from a culture where we are afraid of giving birth - afraid of the pain of childbirth, and afraid that we cannot do it. Epidurals are the norm to have a pain-free childbirth (up to 98% of women choose to have an epidural in some places). We are not taught that the pain of childbirth is a good pain, and we are certainly not taught how to deal with that pain (unless we have a midwife or a doula). The pain of childbirth is good. It calls on our inner strength as women. 

This blog is meant to empower you... remind you that birth is a normal and healthy process.

I'm also happy to offer birth doula services in Montreal. I am currently located in the West Island of Montreal as well as the lower Laurentians (although I serve all of Montreal and surrounding areas). 

Natural Birth Companion