Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why Postpartum Doulas Are AWESOME

Are you an exhausted new parent? 

Is your house a mess with piles of dirty laundry?

Are you struggling to prepare meals, or to even eat? 

Do you have questions about newborn care? 

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you may consider hiring a postpartum / postnatal doula. In this day and age most new parents are forced to fend for themselves, without much support from family and friends. Many new parents are exhausted from lack of sleep, where they may feel like they are barely able to keep it together. A doula who specializes in postpartum care can help you get through the first few weeks of parenthood.

Postpartum doulas come into your home and can be a beacon of light to new mothers and fathers. They care for your baby while you nap, or shower, or even have a bite to eat. They prepare beautiful and healthy meals. They clean and do laundry. They are a great support if you have questions about baby care or if you need help with breastfeeding.

Most postpartum doulas charge an hourly rate, while others have packages you can chose from. Keep in mind that you should feel comfortable with your postpartum doula, since she will be in your home, caring for you and your child. Here are some questions to ask yourself (and her) when you interview her:

  • Does she seem warm and caring?
  • Is she knowledgeable about baby care? 
  • What will she do when she's at your home? What won't she do when she's there? Some doulas will do anything that you need, while others won't. 
  • What does she do if you give birth early or late? Is her schedule flexible?
  • What are her fees? 
I hope this article helps you chose the postpartum doula that is perfect for your family. 

Montreal Doula


**Svea offers postpartum doula services for families in Montreal and surrounding areas.**