Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pitocin & Induction: How Does it Impact Our Later Lives?

I'd like to write this article as an introduction on a theory I have about the implications of artificial induction on our later life. This article is coming straight from my heart as it contains many elements that are personal to me.

If you work in the birth field, then you know that not all babies respond well to pitocin. Heart rates can fluctuate, babies can become tired, and in really extreme circumstances, the mother will have to have an emergency C-section.

I was an "induction baby" - meaning my mother was induced with pitocin while she was giving birth to me. I recently did a really deep holistic counseling session that brought me all the way back to my birth. I could actually feel the sensation of how it felt to be in the womb while it contracted with artificial oxytocin. I felt very frightened, and I realize now that if I did anything to fight back then I could have died. My way of dealing with the really strong contractions was to be paralyzed with fear. I also felt totally dominated, and very angry, actually.

Fast forward to my adult life - I've really struggled with feeling forced to do things that I'm not sure I want to do, even if it's a small suggestion or a favor that someone asks. I've felt dominated . . . and that I've had no voice. I've also worked deeply on myself and have healed a lot of this struggle, but I was still plagued with the residue of these emotions.

As I was diving deeply into this theory, I counseled a woman whose story was very similar to mine. She often felt very forced in her life. She didn't want to do anything that anyone else suggested or asked of her. In the moment I felt it was appropriate to ask her if her mother was induced for her birth. She curiously responded "yes" and inquired why I asked. As I explained my own story and this theory, her face lit up and she took a deep breath. It really hit her hard and spoke truth to her core. She really felt like it was true for her as well, and a deep healing happened for her in that moment.

Since then I've been really thinking about the implications of artificial induction on our human race. Our species has the amazing capability of adapting to our environment.

Will artificial induction change our bodies so we won't be able to give birth without it? 

implication of artificial labor induction

How does it really affect us mentally/emotionally?

We now know that babies have emotions and feel pain. This seems obvious to us, but in the late 19th century and early 20th century, doctors were taught that babies feel no pain. In those days babies were given operations without pain medications. This act would now be considered quite barbaric - although even today many medical professionals believe that babies aren't capable of having emotions, let alone store traumatic experiences from their birth.  Today there are quite a few amazing books out there discussing the fact that babies can be traumatized from birth, and some people can even recall their birth experience. If you are interested in reading any books, check out David Chamberlain. One book I really learned a lot from :Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth.

In addition, as a Naturopath I work on a very deep level with my clients. I often ask them about their own birth and if they know anything about it because, in many instances, it has such a profound effect on their life. I have also found that the recognition of the experience and forgiveness begin to loosen the grips of the trauma, and a constitutional homeopathic remedy helps to clear it completely. 

In conclusion, it's really difficult to say all of the implications that artificial induction can have on one's life. I just know my own personal experience and how it affected me. I urge you to look further into your own story - what was your birth like? Did you mother have any regrets or traumas? How do you feel about how you came into this world? 

***As a disclaimer, I do know that artificial induction is sometimes medically necessary for the life of mother and/or baby - but I also know that it's often misused, and women can even request it without any recommendation from a doctor. ***