Friday, March 13, 2015

Updates - Natural Fertility in Montreal

It has been a long time since I last wrote.

Life has been... busy. Between traveling for teaching and chasing the sun, I've been busy planning my new "project." For a long time I've been passionate about working with pregnancy and birth. Fertility has always been on my mind too and more recently I've decided to 'specialize' in natural fertility treatments. Last August I met a woman named Rosita Arvigo who is a Naprapathic doctor. She has traveled around the world teaching about Maya Abdominal Massage. I was really impressed and felt so led to learn from her. In November I took the first Maya Abdominal Massage class - self care. It helped me so much with my own women's health struggles that I've decided to take the professional training so I can offer the technique to my clients. Turns out, it's amazing for fertility too. I'm also very happy to be the first to offer this amazing therapy in Montreal.

So to reveal my new 'project' - my website for Natural Fertility treatments in Montreal.

Click here.

Enjoy! And pass it along to any woman or couple you think may benefit from this deep work.

With so much love,

Maya Abdominal Massage Montreal